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From: 12th December 2016
To: 1st January 0001

Patrick Hough - Artist Talk

From: 4th October 2018
To: 4th October 2018
This one-off event focuses on the study of objects and how they may be interpreted depending on their status as original artefacts, replicas, props and reproductions. The afternoon will include a guided tour of the exhibition, an artist talk by Patrick Hough and more. This event is suitable for Third Level students and anyone interested in exploring the meaning and value of historic, cultural and art objects.

Charles Bargue - Cours De Dessin

From: 13th October 2018
To: 13th October 2018
Charles Bargue’s ‘Cours De Dessin’ was originally used in the French art schools of the 1860s and 1870s and employed by artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso. Artist and educator Nicholas Robinson will facilitate a one day exploration of this unique drawing style, whilst also engaging some of the themes in the work of Patrick Hough.

Adult 'Fairy House' Workshop

From: 20th October 2018
To: 20th October 2018
Fancy making this magical stone fairy house for your little believer, or just to keep in your own garden? Join Trisha from Creative Genie for this hands-on workshop, running over 3 evenings. Learn lots of new crafting skills and make a truly beautiful and unique fairy feature for your home or garden, you'll even make some cute furniture for the 'faery folk' to enjoy....

An Introduction to Mindfulness

From: 5th November 2018
To: 26th November 2018
An Introduction to Mindfulness with fully trained teacher: Learn to develop awareness that emerges through paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental way, bringing a kindness to ourselves in whatever situation we find ourselves.

Painting with Light & Night Photography

From: 17th November 2018
To: 17th November 2018
Photographer and educator Brian Creegan will facilitate this unique photography workshop inspired by our exhibition LUX. Participants will learn to paint with light, using long exposures to capture and illuminate local architecture and the local environment.

Studio Visit: Kevin Killen

From: 1st December 2018
To: 1st December 2018
Have you ever wondered how artificial light is made and how it can be physically shaped by artists in the studio? If so, this very special field trip to exhibiting artist Kevin Killen’s workspace in Armagh will enlighten you!

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