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From: 12th December 2016
To: 1st January 0001

Silver Swans Over 55s Ballet

From: 7th January 2019
To: 11th February 2019
Silver Swans classes have been specifically designed for the over 55s. Whether you’ve never danced before or want to get back into the swing of it, Silver Swans classes have something for everyone. Classes are taught by RAD and Silver Swans licensed teacher Caroline Kennedy.

Planning to Paint - Research & Oil Painting Workshop

From: 2nd February 2019
To: 2nd February 2019
MUSIC +MAKER exhibiting artist and RHA educator Colin Martin will look at researching and sourcing imagery for painting. Colin will delve into colour theory, colour mixing and building a painting surface from a grisaille drawing to full colour. Participants will size and transfer images to a painting support through drawing grids or Photoshop.

Caroline Campbell - Towards a New Amazon

From: 14th February 2019
To: 14th February 2019
n partnership with NCAD’s School of Fine Art, Solstice hosts visual artist, filmmaker and member of Loitering Theatre, Caroline Campbell. Caroline will explore her creative practice with the audience, including current work that merges esoteric knowledge systems with artificial intelligence - to activate radical new digital subjects.

MUSIC +MAKER - In Conversation & Opening Performance

From: 9th March 2019
To: 9th March 2019
To mark the opening of MUSIC +MAKER, join Director of Solstice Belinda Quirke for an In Conversation with exhibiting artists /composers and improvised performances by Irene Buckley & Elaine Cowley (from Crevice) and Colm O Hara (trombone)

John Lee - Fine Furniture Maker

From: 28th March 2019
To: 28th March 2019
Join us for an intriguing evening with furniture maker and exhibitor John Lee. John established his workshop in Meath in 2004 and has since developed his practice of highly sought after and unique timber pieces. Inspired by naturally occurring geometric forms, his current work explores the enhancement of timber’s natural properties whilst experimenting with form, function and finish.

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