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From: 12th December 2016
To: 1st January 0001

Manufacturing Meath

From: 6th June 2018
To: 6th June 2018
Join local historians and specialists for a celebration of traditional Meath industry at Solstice Arts Centre. Enjoy an evening of insights and discussion on industries that have dominated the commercial landscape of County Meath from the early twentieth Century to the present day, with unique and fascinating examples from Navan Carpets, Crannac Furniture, Finnegans Print Works and Cockagee Cider.

Playful Constructions - Primary School Workshops

From: 8th June 2018
To: 15th June 2018
Join artist Eimear Murphy for a tour of the gallery space and a playful exploration of art making and construction. Participants will create their very own artworks and host a mini mini-exhibitiong a variety of three dimensional construction techniques. This event focuses on developing critical thinking, spatial awareness and an understanding of structure.

One Day Masterpieces - Alla Prima Oil Painting Workshop

From: 16th June 2018
To: 16th June 2018
Kevin Cosgrove will deliver a practical workshop on the basics of ‘alla prima’ or wet-on-wet oil painting technique. Over the course of one day, participants will create an ‘alla prima’ version of a painting from art history. Whilst demonstrating this painting process, Kevin will also discuss methods for preparing supports, grounds, underpainting, mediums and colour mixing.

Irish Folk Furniture (2012) & Hands (1970s-80s)

From: 16th June 2018
To: 16th June 2018
A special screening of Tony Donoghue's award-winning short film Irish Folk Furniture, followed by a selection of episodes from the ever-popular documentary series Hands.

Adult 'Fairy House' Workshop

From: 23rd June 2018
To: 23rd June 2018
Fancy making this magical stone fairy house for your little believer, or just to keep in your own garden? Join Trisha from Creative Genie for this hands-on workshop, running over 3 evenings. Learn lots of new crafting skills and make a truly beautiful and unique fairy feature for your home or garden, you'll even make some cute furniture for the 'faery folk' to enjoy....

Curator’s Clinic with Sabina Mac Mahon

From: 27th July 2018
To: 27th July 2018
Are you an actively practicing Meath artist? Would your work benefit from some practical support and guidance or one-to-one critical feedback? If so, sign up for one of six free mentoring sessions with our curator-in-residence, Sabina Mac Mahon. Advance booking essential.

Visual Artists Ireland Artists' Cafe with Show & Tell

From: 10th August 2018
To: 10th August 2018
In connection with our open call exhibition SURVEYOR we are collaborating with Visual Artists Ireland for a Visual Artists Café. This will include a VAI professional practice talk followed by a ‘Show & Tell’ event. This event affords artists an opportunity to share their work with artist peers and to meet with other visual arts professionals.

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