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Local Arts | Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Co. Meath

Loophole by Acorn Players

From: 28th September 2019
To: 28th September 2019
On the surface, it seems that miserable farmers Paidi and Cass are best friends, but time will tell. Paidi has been given just six months left to live and decides to leave the land to Cass. Paidi's no-good brother Rooster is likely to cause problems but hopefully local solicitor Miss Murphy will sort everything out, with the help of the two nosey neighbours Mairead and Molly. This hilariously funny 3 act play is written and performed by the Leitrim based Acorn Players.

The Chastitute by Navan Theatre Group

From: 27th November 2019
To: 30th November 2019
Mike Bartlett’s Bull is a one-act play about vicious office politics. Tony, Isobel, and Thomas are waiting to hear which of them will lose their job. As they await the arrival of their boss to deliver the verdict, the three debate each other’s chances of survival. For alpha male Tony and calculating Isobel, it’s clear that Thomas is getting the chop. In the struggle for survival, no blow is too low. Bull won Best New Play at the UK Theatre Awards in 2013. Directed by Clare Atkinson, Bull contains adult language and content.

Merry Christmas - School Choirs 2019

From: 2nd December 2019
To: 6th December 2019
Eastwick Productions present a festive collection of your favourite Christmas carols and songs, performed by leading school choirs from around the county. Performance dates of participant schools & classes will be available here closer to the event.

Cinderella - Navan School of Ballet

From: 7th December 2019
To: 8th December 2019
Navan School of Ballet proudly present a spellbinding performance of the magical classic Cinderella. Join Cinderella as she escapes her evil stepmother and ugly stepsisters to become the princess that she was born to be. Experience the excitement of pumpkin carriages, magical mice and glass slippers in an enchanted world of fun and happily ever afters!

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