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Solstice Arts Centre has two gallery spaces and hosts an average of 2-3 exhibitions per season. These exhibitions display exceptional pieces from a range of international, national and local artists. 

Gallery Opening Times:

Level 3 Gallery: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm (The gallery closes for 30mins at lunchtime)

Foyer Gallery: Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 4pm




Opened: Sat 9 March, 2.30pm

George Bolster+ David Sylvian / Karen Donnellan+ Alma Kelliher / Clare Langan+ Irene and Linda Buckley / +Jóhann Jóhannsson / John Lee+ Petter Berndalen / Alice Maher+ Trevor Knight / Séamus Murphy+ PJ Harvey /Rory Tangney+ Colm O’Hara

Curated by Belinda Quirke

MUSIC +MAKER seeks to travel a particular path of selected contemporary collaborations that have seen artists and musicians/composers come together in diverse ways. 

Complementary disciplines that enable the creation of new forms of knowledge ultimately assist us in understanding more about the world around us, and ourselves.  It is natural then, given their innate sympatico, that many collaborations and joint projects in which the visual and sound combine to form a coherent whole, have evolved from partnerships between artists and musicians.  MUSIC +MAKER here speaks both of collaboration and relationships that are sometimes ephemeral, sometimes augmented over years, but ultimately are created with a sincere poetic grace and mutual understanding.

Opened by Simon O’Connor, composer and Director, Museum of Literature Ireland




I send my love along the Boyne

Opening Saturday 8 June, 2:30pm

George Petrie (IR) / Roni Horn (USA) / Ruth Le Gear (IR) / Anna Macleod (IR) / Seán Mac Erlaine (IR) / Nano Reid (IR) / Sarah Tynan & Tamsin Snow (IR)  / with more artists to be announced.

Curated by Linda Shevlin

So memorable in ancient history, and so rich in monuments of the past is it, that we fear not to assert that the history of Ireland might be written in tracing its banksWilliam Wilde, The Beauties of the Boyne, 1849

The River Boyne is a defining topographical feature of Meath, its environs, and the countryside stretching from its source in Carbury, Co. Kildare to the Meath/Louth border beyond Drogheda, where it meets the sea. Despite its relatively short course – just 70 miles – it is potent with important historical, archaeological and mythical connotations and has been known since ancient times, featuring in the first known map of Ireland drawn by Ptolemy in 140 AD.



Dissolving by the Worm Moon

Bassam Al-Sabah

Opening: Saturday 31 August, 2:30pm 

Curated by Linda Shevlin

Bassam Al-Sabah’s exhibition Dissolving by the Worm Moon will present new and existing works that convey visions of war, resistance, and perseverance. Using video, painting, and sculpture, Al-Sabah’s installations are concerned with how the past is constantly reviewed to meet the present. Examining the agendas and effects of children’s broadcasting in Iraq between 1970 to the present day, scenes of war and destruction are shown in parallel with fantasy and reality, the hero and the everyday, the make-believe and fact. 





Solstice Arts Centre

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