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Solstice Arts Centre has two gallery spaces and hosts an average of 2-3 exhibitions per season. These exhibitions display exceptional pieces from a range of international, national and local artists. 

Gallery Opening Times:

Level 3 Gallery: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm (The gallery closes for 30mins at lunchtime)

Foyer Gallery: Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 4pm


Zoología Fantástica

Level 3 Gallery  |   1st February - 5th April, 2018  |  Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4:00pm

Curated by Sabina Mac Mahon
Peter Burns / Arne Olav Fredriksen / Thomas Grünfeld / Jane Locke / Kieran Moore / Janet Mullarney / Bennie Reilly / Suzanne Walsh / with more artists to be announced

Inspired by the motley crew of entirely fictional and real-but-odd-looking creatures that populate the pages of illuminated Gospel manuscript books like the Book of Kells (c.8◊◊AD), Zoología Fantástica invites a group of artists to let their imaginations run wild while investigating the weird and wonderful world of imaginary animals in an attempt to bring them to life for gallery visitors of all ages.




Level 3 Gallery | 26th April - 22nd June, 2018 | Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4.00pm 

Curated by Sabina Mac Mahon
Frank Abruzzese / Kevin Cosgrove / Sophie Gough / Kevin Lindsay / Eimear Murphy / Helen O’Leary / John Stezaker / with more artists to be announced

Industry is an exhibition that brings together a group of artists whose practices relate – either thematically, or in terms of the processes and materials that they use – to industries traditionally associated with County Meath. It examines how the work that many people living and working in Meath find themselves employed with is reflected in contemporary art practice, emphasising both the potential for creativity that lies in the everyday and the inspiration that artists draw from other peoples’ work.





Solstice Arts Centre

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