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Level 3 Gallery | 9 March – 24 May, 2019 | Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4.00pm 

George Bolster+ David Sylvian / Karen Donnellan+ Alma Kelliher / Clare Langan+ Irene and Linda Buckley / +Jóhann Jóhannsson / John Lee+ Petter Berndalen / Alice Maher+ Trevor Knight / Séamus Murphy+ PJ Harvey /Rory Tangney+ Colm O’Hara

Curated by Belinda Quirke

MUSIC +MAKER seeks to travel a particular path of selected contemporary collaborations that have seen artists and musicians/composers come together in diverse ways. 

Complementary disciplines that enable the creation of new forms of knowledge ultimately assist us in understanding more about the world around us, and ourselves.  It is natural then, given their innate sympatico, that many collaborations and joint projects in which the visual and sound combine to form a coherent whole, have evolved from partnerships between artists and musicians.  MUSIC +MAKER here speaks both of collaboration and relationships that are sometimes ephemeral, sometimes augmented over years, but ultimately are created with a sincere poetic grace and mutual understanding.

Opened by Simon O’Connor, composer and Director, Museum of Literature Ireland





Level 3 Gallery | 12 Jan – 1 Mar, 2019 | Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4.00pm 

Karl Burke, Alan Butler, Caroline Campbell & Nina McGowan (Loitering Theatre), Declan Clarke, Teresa Dillon, Willie Doherty, Benjamin Gaulon, John Gerrard, Irina Gheorghe, Allan Hughes, Roseanne Lynch, Colin Martin, Lorcan McGeough, Jim Ricks, Ian Wieczorek, Donovan Wylie

Since the beginning of the 20th-century surveillance and spying capacities have accelerated in line with technological advances. Now, at a time when the world is waking up to what is at stake, Surveillé·e·s investigates both the visible and invisible mechanisms in operation.



LUX: Light Art in Ireland

Level 3 Gallery | 10 Nov – 21 Dec, 2018 | Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4.00pm 

Helena Hamilton / Kevin Killen / Helen Mac Mahon / Lorraine Neeson / Margaret O’Brien

Curated by Davey Moor

LUX is a group exhibition of sculptural and installation works that use artificial illumination as their primary medium. The participating artists are five of the finest practitioners currently working within this field of artmaking in Ireland.

As an artistic medium, light is perhaps the purest and most essential. Most art relies on its environment for its illumination – for the very fuel of vision. On the whole, light art sets its own parameters, using as it does the primary building block of sight, and affecting the space around it accordingly.



False Starts

Patrick Hough

Level 3 Gallery | 15 Sept – 26 Oct, 2018 | Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4.00pm 

Curated by Sabina Mac Mahon

The work of Patrick Hough examines the steadily blurring line between the real and the artificial, and the increasingly intimate interplay between physical objects and their virtual counterparts. Within this exhibition, the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition in Ireland, forgotten artefacts from the Hollywood Dream Factory – props and décor from abandoned film sets – take on a new life as precious mementoes of cinema history: replicas and fakes that have acquired a strange kind of authenticity. Moving fluently between definitions and across formal boundaries, his work makes us look again at the uncertain nature of what we think we know and see.




Level 3 Gallery | 21st July – 17th Aug, 2018 | Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4.00pm 

Solstice Arts Centre would like to invite artists currently living in, or originally from, County Meath to submit works in all disciplines for inclusion in our seventh SURVEYOR open exhibition, which will be curated this year by Eamonn Maxwell. SURVEYOR serves to support, value and encourage Meath artists in the development of their practices and creative careers. The exhibition presents an overview of contemporary visual arts practice throughout the county. 2018 sees the continuation of the Solstice Visual Arts Award, which has a value of €1,500. This will be awarded to a work of distinction in any medium.



Navan & District Historical Society Photography Exhibition

Foyer Gallery  |  18th – 25th August 2018  |  Mon - Sat 9:00am - 4:00pm

As part of Heritage Week 2018, Navan & District Historical Society presents a series of historical photographs of Navan town and surrounds in the late 19th century, selected from the Lawrence Collection at the National Library of Ireland.



Level 3 Gallery  |  28th April - 29th June 2018

Frank Abruzzese / Kevin Cosgrove / Sophie Gough / Kevin Lindsay / Eoin McHugh / Eimear Murphy / Helen O’Leary / John Stezaker

Industry is an exhibition that brings together a group of artists whose practices relate – either thematically, or in terms of the processes and materials that they use – to industries traditionally associated with County Meath. It examines how the work that many people living and working in Meath find themselves employed with is reflected in contemporary art practice, emphasising both the potential for creativity that lies in the everyday and the inspiration that artists draw from other peoples’ work. Farming, horse breeding, the manufacture of furniture and carpeting, engineering, food production, mining and tourism are all represented in the show.



Zoología Fantástica

Level 3 Gallery  |  1st February - 5th April 2018

Peter Burns / Arne Olav Fredriksen / Jane Locke / Kieran Moore / Janet Mullarney / Bennie Reilly / Suzanne Walsh / with more artists to be announced

Inspired by the motley crew of entirely fictional and real-but-odd-looking creatures that populate the pages of illuminated Gospel manuscript books like the Book of Kells (c.800AD), Zoología Fantástica invites a group of artists to let their imaginations run wild while investigating the weird and wonderful world of imaginary animals in an attempt to bring them to life for gallery visitors of all ages.



The Otherworld Hall

Level 3 Gallery | 27th October - 22nd December 2017 

Aoibheann Greenan, Seán Hillen, Seán Lynch, Lucy McKenna, Tadhg McSweeney, Doireann Ní Ghrioghair, Nano Reid

This diverse exhibition brings together painting, sculpture, installation, photographic collage and video work by artists investigating the ancient myths associated with the Boyne monuments and Brúg na Boinne, the Otherworld mansion or “hall” on the Boyne.



Cliona Harmey, Seán Molloy, David Quinn

Level 3 Gallery  |   24th August - 13th October, 2017  |  Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4:00pm

The second part of Solstice Arts Centre’s 2017 visual art programme organised by Curator in Residence Sabina Mac Mahon sees three separate solo shows by three very different artists taking place simultaneously across the gallery’s three exhibition spaces. While there is no set unifying thematic aside from some allusion to Meath’s history, heritage or landscape, when viewed collectively the three shows look, in a general way, at the various ways in which artists adopt methods of abstraction in their work and how abstraction – of information, images and materials – relates to their individual processes of making.



Meath Youth Arts Group Exhibition

Foyer Gallery  |   12th – 19th August, 2017  |  Mon - Sat 09:30am - 4:00pm

Meath Youth Arts Group welcomes audiences to a showcase of their work from the past year. Works include visual art, literature, music and theatre spectacle pieces.



Surveyor 2017 

Level 3 Gallery  |   1st July – 9th August, 2017  |  Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4:00pm

The sixth annual SURVEYOR exhibition presents a selection of current contemporary visual arts throughout County Meath. Solstice invites artists living in or from the county of Meath to submit works of all disciplines for inclusion in SURVEYOR.



A Name Unmade: Francis Ledwidge

Level 3 Gallery  |   28th April – 16th June, 2017  |  Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4:00pm

A Name Unmade is a combined exhibition of archival material, as well as new & recent work by contemporary visual artists, presented in response to the life and work of Meath poet Francis Ledwidge. Ledwidge, a naturalist, nationalist and soldier was killed in action during preparations for the Third Battle of Ypres on 31 July 1917 at the height of the First World War.



Francis Ledwidge, Ireland's Soldier Poet

Foyer Gallery  |   28th April – 16th June, 2017  |  Mon - Sat 9:30am - 4:00pm

Francis Ledwidge, Ireland’s Soldier Poet is a graphic novel of the life of Francis Ledwidge. The work opens with quotes from Seamus Heaney’s poem dedicated to Ledwidge, In Memoriam Francis Ledwidge (1979), and illustrates a biographical account of Ledwidge’s life in graphic form. 



3rd November 2016 - 7th January 2017

A SECOND WORLD - any given day

Bernadette Kiely

A SECOND WORLD – any given day is a new body of work by Bernadette Kiely featuring large scale charcoal drawing, painting on canvas and moving image. 

Bernadette’s recent work, continuing on her theme of the passage of time and the transient, fragile nature of the physical world, evident in her work to date – shifting landscapes cloaked in fog and mist, the burning of fields, flooding on the river Nore, plant life and the sea - references memories of her parents, the life they lived and the life that has died with them.

The title A SECOND WORLD – any given day suggests other worlds, the unknown world of the dead, the shadow world, where objects are visible, yet don’t exist in reality, the memory of things and people which exist in the memory but not in the real world, the psychological impossibility of recapturing people and things that have passed out of our living world.

Also including reference to the world of art making and thinking, she implies the difficulty of seeing reality as it apparently exists in the real world. The imagery she depicts is shrouded in mist and shadow and suggests memory, distance, desire and the melancholy inherent in the longing for people and things that have faded into the realm of the past.

Referencing her own photography and drawings, her work also draws on existing imagery of ancient and historical Irish architecture, archaeological and topographical drawings, plant life, the geography and anatomy of landscape and religious architecture.



1st September - 21st October, 2016

Just Left Of Copernicus (The Pastoral)

Niamh McCann

Just left of Copernicus (The Pastoral) is the third and final manifestation of Niamh McCann’s touring  exhibition Just Left of Copernicus produced by Solstice Arts Centre.  Each of its previous manifestations, at both Visual, Carlow (Roof of the Story) and Limerick City Gallery of Art (A Prologue) were individual to each space. McCann collaborated with architects Jack Byrne and Séamus Bairead to develop the large scale structure/object Copernicus for Now. This aspiring structure/object is made of industrially produced cardboard tubes and plywood. A section of background landscape in the infamous photograph of Armstrong on the moon, as well as ideas contained within B Fuller’s ‘Spaceship Earth’, are amongst references for the work. Copernicus for Now is both object and event, a crater-like landscape for visitors to occupy and events to take place.

The interchange and flow of fact and fiction, and the overlapping layers of history and fable within the work of German architect Hans Poelzig is of particular interest to McCann. Poelzig is perhaps best known for his design and build of the Poelzig Building (IG Farben building), Frankfurt Germany, a site of dramatic historic 20th century importance. Poelzig was also a painter and scenographer of the influential silent horror The Golem: How He Came Into the World (1920).


1st September - 21st October, 2016 (Foyer) 

Folding Pathways
Aileen Hamilton

Aileen Hamilton considers ecological cycles and organic processes within her drawings. Here she explores the delicate balances and repetitive patterns that bind the natural world to form.  Isolated landscapes appear suspended or floating in a fragile or exposed state.  Hamilton bends her landscapes akin to a space-time continuum through exploratory folds.  This process underpins the artist occupation in searching for existential meaning in both micro and macro environments.


14th April – 4th June, 2016


When The Dawn Is Come is presented by Solstice and Meath County Council Library Service as part of Meath County Council’s Centenary Programme 2016. 

The exhibition includes marching banners of a Meath branch of the Irish National Volunteers, the Navan branch of Irish National Foresters, the Navan branch of the Gaelic League, photographs of Meath Volunteers, official Town Council and County Council minutes, and artefacts from Oldcastle Civilian Internment Camp (1914-1918).

This is the first time these artefacts have been shown together and they provide an insight into the revolutionary period in the county.  Guest performances in the gallery during the exhibition will provide another way for visitors to interact with the material and to reflect on the period.


20th January – 11th March 2016


Eleanor Duffin/Caoimhe Kilfeather/ Barbara Knezevic
Curated by Mary Cremin

Duality of form is a philosophical inquiry into the nature of objects and how their meaning comes into being. The artists explore the subtle relationships between the material and the immaterial through sculpture, photography, drawing and text. 

Caoimhe Kilfeather’s photographic work looks at the properties of a defunct object that reflects outmoded practices as well as form and aperture. Her interest in architecture is means to explore façade and everyday spaces that we inhabit. Her sculptural work delineates space and outlines a boundary that alludes to drawing and perhaps a space that objects are contained. 

Barbara Knezevic through her sculptural pieces traces possible meanings that are trapped in material objects that conspire to elude us through their presence and absence. The interconnectivity between the pieces allows us to decode possible interpretations of the works. 

Eleanor Duffin creates a fictive space; using text and graphic images she creates a narrative that explores parallels universes and allows for a manifestation of imagined sculptures that will be exhibited with an accompanying text. 

Their sensitivity to materials is both poetic and intangible in terms of how the work translates meaning to the viewer and also how the work responds to the architecture and flow of the gallery space.


29 October – 04 December, 2015

In Darkness Let Me Dwell
Gary Coyle, Patrick Jolley, Paul Nugent 

The title of this exhibition is taken from a through-composed lute song by early baroque composer John Dowland (c.1610).  The musical form implies a deep melancholia, originally appearing in the 1606 song collection Funeral Teares by John Coprario.  A flourishing sorrow is intricately formulated by musical dissonance and harmonic instability of which there is no concluding resolution. In Homer’s Odysseus flitting purposeless spirits inhabit the Asphodel meadows.  In Darkness let me dwell similarly voyages through contemporary shadowlands, and encounters within, inferring a modern, isolated habituation. 

Opening reception with concert performance - SEAVEN TEARES  
Curated by Benedict Schlepper Connolly with Belinda Quirke

In correlation with the work, Seaven Teares presents traces and connects echoes of melancholia across four centuries of music.  Vocalist Michelle O’Rourke joins composers Garrett Sholdice (piano, synthesiser) and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly (guitar and sound design) to stage a continuous forty-five minute performance, in which each fragment blends seamlessly into the next.  Framed by new arrangements of music by the seventeenth-century composer John Dowland, Seaven Teares envelops its listeners in a dark and luscious atmosphere where contemporary composition meets early-nineteenth century German song, the Irish bardic tradition, and opera aria.



03 September – 09 October 2015

We Were Promised Anarchy, But What We Got Was Chaos - Alan Butler

We Were Promised Anarchy, But What We Got Was Chaos is an exhibition of new works by visual artist Alan Butler. The body of work brings together numerous approaches that lament the potential of the world wide web as a platform or device for free expression and democracy. Through the use of an assembly of new and traditional media, Butler’s work here presents the current state of the Internet as a giant surveillance machine-cum-shopping mall.

The Solstice galleries are transformed into a realm of psychedelic colour, headless bodies, bodiless heads, frenetic moving images, and bombastic waffle. Manipulated pieces of seemingly unconnected information and online discourse are melded together into artworks. These attempt to critique the nature of image production, consumption and technological infrastructures. Utilising artefacts from Internet history, the works see this territory as profoundly connected to how power operates on a global scale.

Perhaps the centrepiece to the exhibition continues with Butler’s oeuvre of creating immersive, dizzying installations. The three-screen, surround-sound video artwork ‘Modern Postism. Chapter: Aubergine Emoji’ (2015) takes forms from video games, science fiction cinema and vlogging to bring together a interweaving of moving image that depicts young men from around the globe who rose to notoriety after mistaking the Internet as a forum for free speech. YouTube posts and chatroom transcripts from male journalists, activists and intellectuals are re-contextualised and displayed in a sort of virtual limbo resembling a malfunctioning ‘holodeck’-cum-collective memory bank.

This notion of collective memory and its relationship to power is a recurring theme in this exhibition, none more so than in the seemingly benign stack of books that were ‘curated’ through the online browsing habits of Tamerlan Tsarnaev (the elder of the Boston bombers). In *Surprise Party Breath* (2015), Tsarnaev’s entire Amazon wish-list has been purchased and stacked neatly in the gallery, meditating upon the relationships between the corporate web and surveillance.

Shopping as a medium resurfaces in many of the works. The act of trolling takes physical dimensions in another video, ‘Add to Basket Activism’ (2015), which documents the artist sending a ‘gift’ to a well-known Australian dissident, reducing the act of protest to a financial transaction.

We Were Promised Anarchy, But What We Got Was Chaos is a collision of misanthropic narratives, passive aggressive trolling, pop-culture, geo-politics, morose internet existence and cyber-warfare. This exhibition takes a comprehensive, if not subjective look at the function of Reality, as mediated by screen-based interfaces and algorithmic forces in the 21st Century.

Meath Arts Group - Decay

6 August – 21 August 

An exhibition by members of the Meath Arts Group. The group was formed in 2006 to allow participating artists to share ideas, collaborate on themes and learn new skills. At regular intervals over the past 12 months the artists have met to share ongoing work which, unavoidably, shapes and shifts how the theme is being read. The art work creates a tapestry of all the individual artists’ interpretations of Decay


 20 June – 24 July, 2015

This annual exhibition documents and explores contemporary visual arts practice in the county. Solstice invited artists living in, or from the county of Meath to submit works of all disciplines for inclusion in our fourth SURVEYOR exhibition. 



A Parchwork of The Vegetable Garden

29 April – 9 May, 2015

An exhibition of work by Meath based Artist, Annabel Potterton. This is the first of 3 exhibitions on the Foyer wall at Solstice over the next 7 weeks. 

Born in Stroud, UK, Annabel Potterton obtained a degree in Ecology after leaving school. In 1993 she began her art studies, first with a diploma in Ceramics in London then later a diploma in Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

Currently living in Co. Meath, Annabel is a member of Meath Arts Group and the Pastel Society of Ireland. Since April 2015 as part of ‘The Place’ collective, she has been awarded an ‘Opportunity Bursary Award’ from Dublin City Council for the Incubation Space at The Lab, Foley Street.

Annabel’s current practice is multi-disciplinary involving drawing, mono-printing and painting. Through this practice she investigates the dynamic of growth and vigour of vegetable matter in the garden outside her studio and seeks to portray a chaotic random patchwork of colour.

Going Solo 2014

18 December - 16 Janruary 




Meath County Council Arts Office, in partnership with Solstice Gallery, presented Going Solo Award 2014, an exhibition providing a professional platform for final year  students and recent arts graduates in Visual Arts, living in, or from County Meath

In March 2014, Meath County Council Arts Office invited full-time third-level art students and recent graduates, living in, or from Meath, to apply for the Going Solo Award. Running since 2001, this annual award is commissioned and curated by Meath County Council Arts Office and also awards a bursary of €650.  

Meath County Council Arts Office announce Going Solo Award winners 2014 as: Diarmuid Corkery, Navan; Kate Byrne, Ratoath and Kevin Ledwith from Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

Diarmuid Corkery is a recent graduate from NCAD, Dublin. Diarmuid’s work is largely installation-based and is heavily influenced by film noir graphics which is typically reminiscent of comic-books with an emphasis on black and white colouring.  In Going Solo, Diarmuid’s work explores the effect of UV light on various objects and mediums, specifically paper.  Now living in Navan, Diarmuid has an upcoming exhibition of paintings in Iontas Arts Centre, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan in April 2015.

Artist, Kate Byrne is also a graduate from Dublin’s NCAD (2013).  Kate has always been fascinated by remnants of the past and exploring trails of memory.  Her latest body of work is rooted in the places that carry memories and she has found inspiration in derelict buildings, abandoned homes and ghost towns that have revealed themselves during recent times.  Kate explores the melancholy attached to these places.  Working across a number of disciplines including painting, photography and writing, Kate’s style of painting is built upon layers of paint and fragmented imagery.  Kate is delighted to be part of Going Solo and presents ‘Invisible Cities’ as part of this three-person show. 

Artist-portrait painter, Kevin Ledwith from Ashbourne Co. Meath adds another dimension to Going Solo 2014 as his focus is that of a subject’s inner most character through portraiture.  An IADT graduate, Kevin’s work portrays the human being and explores the subject’s inner most character and thoughts.  His aim is to encourage the audience to form their own views and opinions of the person staring back at them from the canvas. Kevin’s love for art and portraiture developed in school, when he attended Ashbourne Community School, where he studied art until his Leaving Cert year.  Currently, Kevin is a full-time artist, renting and an artist studio in Dublin.  Previous shows include the Emerging Artists Graduate Show in The Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely (2014) and The Drawing Project in Dun Laoghaire (2014).   


Everything We See - Marie Hanlon

23 October - 6 December, 2014

This exhibition deals with the complexities of seeing and our understanding of what it is we see.  Through a diverse range of work encompassing installation, video, drawing and sound, Marie Hanlon presents pieces which engage the viewer in questions of perception: what is real, what is fiction, can we 'know' based on what we 'see',  and, do our assumptions hide the truth.

Each artwork requires the viewer to dwell on the act of seeing or to renegotiate existing perceptions. Everyday objects, studio props, bits of plastic and wire, are utilized here. In a new context they become elegant.  The work rests on the tension between opposites: high and low, humour and seriousness, the commonplace versus the poetic. 

The influence of the Belgian surrealist artist, Rene Magritte, is especially evident.  The opening words of a quote from Magritte " Everything we see" provides the overall title for the exhibition as well as an individual work within it.  Increasingly Marie Hanlon's work mixes visual elements with sound, specific pieces of music have provided the starting point for some works. What matters is the complicity between the art forms, the ability of one to intensify the other and to open possibilities of saying something new by means of the subtlest pairings.


In A Landscape

4 September - 11 October, 2014

‘In A Landscape’ was a wonderful group show, bringing together three artists; photographer Paul Gaffney, object-maker Emma Donaldson and drawings-based artist, Michael Wann.  Borrowing the title from a John Cage composition (1948), the work exhibited documented the artist’s experiential observation and response to a diverse terrain, both physically and meditatively.  










21 June - 9 August, 2014

This was the third Surveyor exhibition celebrating artists living in and from Co. Meath.  38 artists - across disciplines - contributed to this exhibition which explored and documented the visual arts in county Meath.  


Margaret Corcoran - 'Return to Cythera'

24 April - 7 June, 2014




'...There’s a lightness of touch, a very appealing playfulness. When she veers towards abstraction with, say, expanses of saturated colour or flurries of calligraphic brushwork, it’s beautifully judged...'

Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times on "Return to Cythera", Solstice Arts Centre. 

Corcoran's exhibition referenced 17th - 19th century paintings, where the artist weaved a 'pattern map' to highlight both current and universal themes.  Her painting moves from a preoccupation with emphatic traditional methodology to an increasing freedom, where the significance of her practice allows the paint and process 'to speak for itself'.



13 February - 5 April, 2014 

This exhibition was an amalgamation of the Craft Council of Ireland exhibition Costume: Behind the Scenes - curated by Angela O’Kelly, and the collection of Countess Ann Griffin Bernstorff of Berkeley Forest House, Co. Wexford - curated by Belinda Quirke.


Meath Arts Group

11 January – 1 February, 20141 Bog Queen Detail

The members of Meath Arts Group explored the idea of ‘Text to Visual’ through a series of workshops. The exhibition included resulting work in a variety of mediums; Including Installation, Sculptural, Contemporary and Traditional artworks.


2 Banner

Three Degrees of Painting

7 November – 6 December, 2013

Selected from its national call and curated by Carissa Farrell, 'Three Degrees of Painting' juxtaposed the work of three different painters - Jennifer Trouton, Judy Carroll Deeley and Susan Connolly.


The Work of Micheal Farrell

August 22 - October 19, 2013

Born in Kells, Micheal Farrell is one of Ireland’s best-known artists. This retrospective highlights the scope of Farrell’s skill. Produced by Solstice, this exhibition will then tour to Crawford Art Gallery and the RHA. Funded by the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon Touring Award.

1 Surveyor Logo


June 22 - August 4, 2013

Solstice Arts Centre proudly presented its second Surveyor exhibition following an open call to artists living in or from County Meath. Selected work included a range of media from painting, photography, print-making and sculpture to installation and felt. The exhibition demonstrated the diversity of talent and expression amongst artists living and working in Meath today.
Surveyor 2013 was curated by sculptor Ann Meldon Hugh.


3 Mark Durkan








No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

18 April - 15 June, 2013

Mark Durkan presented a solo exhibition which borrowed from TV science fiction and exploring a built & human environment in an imaginary post-apocalyptic world. Taking hte form of architectural installations, Mark imagined how to start a new way of surviving in re-configured social structures and an ecologically altered environment.  

Sonja Landweer








Out of the Marvellous

9 February - 6 April, 2013

Out of the Marvellous exhibited work by some of Ireland's foremost makers and poets, co-curated by Maureen Kennelly and Ann Mulrooney. The show traced connections and shared sources of inspiration between poetry and visual art, through selected pairings of poets and makers. Featuring poetry, sound and objects, it sought to create a moving and immersive environment in which the poetic beauty of both art forms can be enjoyed and appreciated. The exhibition was a co-production with The National Craft Gallery and Poetry Ireland. 


Level 3 Gallery | 21st July – 17th Aug, 2018 | Tues - Sat 11:00am - 4.00pm 

Solstice Arts Centre would like to invite artists currently living in, or originally from, County Meath to submit works in all disciplines for inclusion in our seventh SURVEYOR open exhibition, which will be curated this year by Eamonn Maxwell. SURVEYOR serves to support, value and encourage Meath artists in the development of their practices and creative careers. The exhibition presents an overview of contemporary visual arts practice throughout the county. 2018 sees the continuation of the Solstice Visual Arts Award, which has a value of €1,500. This will be awarded to a work of distinction in any medium.




Navan & District Historical Society Photography Exhibition

Foyer Gallery  |  18th – 25th August 201  |  Mon - Sat 9:00am - 4:00pm

As part of Heritage Week 2018, Navan & District Historical Society presents a series of historical photographs of Navan town and surrounds in the late 19th century, selected from the Lawrence Collection at the National Library of Ireland.

Solstice Arts Centre





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