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School Learning & Participation at Solstice Arts Centre, Navan

Arts in Education Strategy

Solstice is committed to developing arts in education opportunities for schools and teachers. We currently run a large arts in education programme, providing access for both Primary and Secondary Schools to the arts through tours, talks, workshops and events. We focus on creating connections for schools and teachers to practicing artists, facilitating understanding and enjoyment of our exhibitions and events and also engaging students practically with art making in the centre. We are currently developing our Schools programme to include educational resources for teachers in Meath. This will allow us to further interpret our exhibitions for schools and to engage relevant elements of the Primary and Secondary School Curriculums in more detail, a specific focus of this is Leaving Certificate, Art Appreciation. We hope to also develop creative CPD opportunities for Primary & Secondary teachers within Solstice to encourage and support engagement with the arts in the classroom. We welcome any feedback or engagement from teachers, schools and other cultural organisations to assist us in developing our programme to meet their needs.

Edel Cox

Visual Arts Facilitation & Engagement Officer

Sosltice Arts Centre

Exploring Patrick Hough Through Prop Building & Design

From: 28th September 2018
To: 28th September 2018
Join creative arts facilitator and prop-maker Caitriona McGowan for an exploration of Patrick Hough’s exhibition. Students will tour the gallery space and create a 3-D bust using a variety of techniques.

Handling Histories

From: 11th October 2018
To: 11th October 2018
Join us for an intriguing exploration of the themes and ideas in Patricks Hough’s solo exhibition. Students will tour Patrick’s show and also examine the wonderful items in the National Museum of Ireland’s Bronze Age Handling Box. This workshop aims to explore the meaning of art, object and replica and stimulate curious discussion on visual art, archaeology and history.

Exploring the Light Fantastic!

From: 23rd November 2018
To: 23rd November 2018
Join artist Helen Mac Mahon to investigate the work of light artists in LUX. Helen will explore her own art practice with students, demonstrating how she splits, bends, folds and bounces light to create magnificent works of art. Students will discover the unique qualities of light using a number of materials and devices, including kaleidoscopes and the intriguing Polychromatic Shadow Configuration Device! Students will also be shown how to harness the light to make artworks of their own.

The Everlasting Cycle of Light

From: 30th November 2018
To: 30th November 2018
Inspired by our LUX exhibition on light and its creative capacities, this workshop explores the worlds of astronomy, science, art and technology. This workshop offers an exciting introduction to scientific principles and electrical circuitry and connects with both the Science and Art, Craft & Design syllabus for Secondary Schools.

Solstice Arts Centre

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