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ELIZA’s Adventures in the Uncanny Valley

Pan Pan Theatre Company present

ELIZA’s Adventures in the Uncanny Valley

Friday 24 April, 8:00pm  |  Tickets: €18 / €16 (conc)

ELIZA’s Adventures in the Uncanny Valley explores what it is to be human, and how artificial intelligence modifies human characteristics resulting in the scrutiny of what is real and what is illusion.

In the early 1960s, MIT developed artificial intelligence software called ELIZA, its title a reference to Shaw’s Pygmalion. ELIZA made certain kinds of conversations between humans and computers possible. Our ELIZA is sent into an anonymous motel, where she interacts with four characters mysteriously booked into the same room.  Some of them seem to be barely alive, others too much so.  They explore love, death, metaphysics, evil and evolution, probing the points in our society where boundaries may disintegrate.





A theatrical delight, seriously smart… The Arts Review





Solstice Arts Centre





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