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Our school resources and Gallery tours are designed to assist Primary School teachers and students in understanding and enjoying the visual arts and exhibitions at Solstice Arts Centre.

This resource can function as a classroom aide to familiarize teachers and students with artists and exhibitions before a visit to the gallery and can inspire ideas and discussion for groups. It includes brief introductions to exhibiting artists and artworks, introductions to arts terms and language, things to look out for on arrival, tools to inspire classroom discussion, as well as creative and cross-curricular activities post visit.

A priority of our programme is for school children and their teachers to enjoy their interaction with the Gallery and the experience of learning through visual art. Our learning resources and tours should enable school groups to feel confident in engaging with what they are seeing when they arrive. We place an emphasis on active looking, discussion and creative thinking to embolden children to look, respond and form opinions, and for teachers to develop on ideas formed in the Gallery back in the classroom. This type of engagement with the arts can assist children in understanding the material world around them, enabling them to visually and intellectually explore objects, materials and structures. We hope that our programming can promote long term participation in the arts amongst schools and school children and can ignite an interest in and appreciation of the visual arts for personal fulfilment and enjoyment throughout their lives.

Please contact Edel at or 046 909 2308 for further information on our exhibitions or schools programme. Teachers can book Gallery tours for free by contacting Edel at the details above.



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