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Planetary Pioneers

Planetary Pioneers

Wednesday 11 March, 9:45am & 12:30pm  |  €3 per student

Primary School Workshop (2nd - 6th Class)

Kepler 16b, the double-sunned planet that Bolster has imagined in his exhibition We Are Made of Stardust is one of the Earth like planets where life could be sustained. What if in the future you could travel to Kepler 16b? In this workshop students become the next generation of innovators and explorers, working together to design and build a shelter and communication devices to contact home from this mysterious planet! Exploring a blend of science fact and science fiction, this fun workshop with visual artist Anne Cradden uses recycled materials and combines practical activities such as collaboration, design, engineering, and construction with the imagination of storytelling and drama. Duration 120 mins.


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