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IFI Education: Junior French - Stars by the Pound

IFI Education: Junior French - Stars by the Pound

Wednesday 18 March, 10:30am  |  Solstice Cinema  |  Tickets: €5 (Teachers free)

When bright and talented Lois is told by her science teacher that her excess weight means she will never become an astronaut, she faces a battle with her own body image that leads to her hospitalisation. There, she makes friends with three very different girls, all with their own troubles and dreams. Together they find a new strength and venture outside, ready to take on the world, and, if possible, outer space. A sweet, touching story depicting friendship and teen life, and the magic that can come from believing in one another.  

France • 2019 • Comedy • English subtitles • 85 mins • Director: Marie-Sophie Chambon








Solstice Arts Centre





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