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Theatre Events | Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Co. Meath

Theatre Events  |  Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Co. Meath

In The Window

From: 31st January 2019
To: 31st January 2019
Life hasn’t turned out the way Margaret dreamed. Lonely as hell in a house that won’t sell, no hubby, no kids and a deathly boring job... tonight she’s got a playdate with a bottle of Rosé and bowl of pink pills. Nuala McKeever, Belfast’s Queen of Comedy, delivers a poignant, hilarious, disastrous cocktail about the resilience of the human heart in the face of, well, just about everything.

Bat The Father Rabbit The Son

From: 8th February 2019
To: 8th February 2019
It’s Dublin in the 1980s. Rabbit is a self-made haulage magnate. But something’s wrong. He cuts a deal with his underling Keogh to help him find his lost moorings. The quest is hampered by his dead father Bat, Citizen Army volunteer and pawn shop assistant, bubbling up. The struggle between father and son, past and present, imagination and reality, spans Dublin. An explosive exposition of the generation that led us to Boom and Bust. Written thirty years ago, Bat the Father, Rabbit the Son is more pertinent than ever.

3 Hail Mary’s by Tommy Marren

From: 15th February 2019
To: 16th February 2019
After spending over 10 years together in the same nursing home it’s time for Mary O’Toole, Mary O’Neill and Mary O’ Brien to bid farewell to one another. It might be their last day in each other’s company but they decide to celebrate it in style! From nostalgia to comedy and even a few sing-songs it’s going to be on hell of a hooley!!! This rip-roaring Irish comedy is written by Tommy Marren – writer of ‘It’s the Real McCoy’ and ‘Nobody’s Talking to Me’ – and is a must-see!! You might not be on your knees praying but with these 3 Hail Mary’s you’ll definitely be on your knees laughing!


From: 23rd April 2019
To: 24th April 2019
Mark Doherty’s award-winning Trad comes to Solstice before a 2-week run at The Abbey Theatre and tells the hilarious story of 100-year-old Thomas… and his father. Together they set out to discover the son they never knew he had.

Solstice Arts Centre

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