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Comedy Events | Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Co. Meath

Comedy Events | Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Co. Meath


Des Bishop - Mia Mamma

From: 24th January 2020
To: 1st February 2020
I am often asked “where do you get your material from?” The truth is really that I try to see the funny in everything. My mother died in March 2019 and of course it was sad and grief can be tough sometimes but I saw a lot of funny in that too.

David O'Doherty ULTRASOUND

From: 15th February 2020
To: 15th February 2020
The hairy Enya is delighted to be coming to Solstice Arts Centre with a brand new show made up of talking and songs played on the plastic keyboard he got for his Confirmation. Once again, he will try to fix everything that is wrong in the world. SPOILER ALERT: once again he will fail.

Jason Byrne - Wrecked but Ready

From: 5th March 2020
To: 5th March 2020
Jason Byrne has had a hard year. But he doesn’t want to talk about that. He’s wrecked but ready. Ready for a laugh. This show is a celebration. A celebration of triumph over adversity. A celebration of the fact that everybody’d got their own crap going on and they don’t need to listen to someone else moaning about their problems. So, leave your worries at the door and find out why ‘The Times’ described Jason as ‘The Outright King of Live Comedy’.

Baz Ashmawy – Family Matters

From: 6th March 2020
To: 6th March 2020
Baz Ashmawy (50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy, Wingman) has a brand new show called Family Matters. Baz takes a comic look back at his childhood as an Irish Egyptian living in a rough Dublin suburb, raised by his single mother Nancy, and his desire to find a way out and create a life of his own. Now as father to six kids, Baz has a unique perspective on their upbringing versus his own. A natural comic storyteller, Baz has been making people laugh since long before he was on TV. Special guests to be announced.

Farmer Michael & Kathleen

From: 20th March 2020
To: 20th March 2020
The King & Queen of farming satire, after only 3 years on the comedy scene, Stevo & Sinéad have gathered a following of over 500,000 people worldwide, and over 100 million views on some of their single sketches. They've sold out shows all over Ireland and the UK, also collaborated with Official Rugby World Cup. As featured on: RTE, TV3's Six O Clock Show, CNN, FOX, SKY TV.

Neil Delamere: End of Watch

From: 27th March 2020
To: 27th March 2020
Fresh from a sell-out tour, star of BBC’s the Blame Game, Fighting Talk and the Newsquiz Neil Delamere returns to Solstice with a brand new show. Time waits for no man, especially one trying to buy a watch. Things always get complicated.

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