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By Solstice, Thursday, 23rd June 2016 | 0 comments

(Monday, 20 June, 2016) Kells artist Kevin Lindsay has won the inaugural Solstice Visual Arts Award at the launch of the fifth annual SURVEYOR exhibition on Saturday 18th June. SURVEYOR presents a selection of current contemporary visual arts practice throughout County Meath and is organised by Solstice Arts Centre each year. As part of the award, Lindsay won a €1,200 bursary to contribute towards his continued practice within the visual arts field.

The winning piece, titled Ridge, is a sculptural work made from concrete ridge tiles. Lindsay lives in Cortown, Kells and graduated from DIT in 2015.  He has spent many years working in construction and this influences the nature and the form his work takes. The crux of his sculptural work concerns diverting stock construction materials from their intended destiny and divesting them of their utilitarian identities. These individual units are deliberately left physically unaltered and are can conceivably be returned to their previously determined roles.

“My practice is founded on the ‘unit’ or ‘module’ and investigates the inherent aesthetic contained within the mundane. My work is predominantly sculptural, however, photography, video, music and performance also play an important role. My sculptural work concerns diverting stock construction materials from their intended purpose, creating forms and returning them to their original role unmodified” says Lindsay of his work.

Lindsay had some stiff competition to win the new award with SURVEYOR receiving an unprecedented 240 artworks from 93 artists this season. 72 pieces from 49 local artists were chosen for the exhibition. SURVEYOR runs until Friday 8th July, Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 4pm and entry to the exhibition is free. 

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