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By Solstice, Thursday, 31st March 2016 | 0 comments

Solstice has always strived to generate greater wellbeing and life experiences through engagement in the arts, but also connect our communities with professional artists and their practice.

We would like to invite professional artists in all art forms to submit proposals concerning participatory programmes of creative engagement, and/or professional development as part of our season 2016/2017.

These programmes are not limited to workshops and discussion structures etc., but could also respond to aspects of Solstice artistic programme in both visual and performing arts. As an artist, engagement may be practice led, and may require a longer term conversation with us concerning how we best support that work.

If you are interested, we are grateful to receive the following by email by Friday 7 May 2016
•     Initial concept with proposed costs and structure/requirements where possible
•     Samples of relevent work in this area
•     Your CV of arts practice
•     You will also be asked to submit Garda clearance as well as up to date child protection training

For further general information or enquiries please contact Carol O’ Connor | Tel: 046 9092300 

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