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Gesamtkunstwerk - Julianstown Youth Orchestra

Gesamtkunstwerk - Julianstown Youth Orchestra

Main Auditorium  |  Sun 5th March, 4:00pm |  Tickets:  €16 Adults / €5 Children 

Gesamtkunstwerk – a German term meaning total artwork where all artforms come together to make one integrated artistic experience.

Julianstown Youth Orchestra presents a new experience of ‘orchestral theatre’ where members of the orchestra perform the world premiere of a completely new artistic work. Part instrumental performance, part sung, part acted, part danced, it’s a celebration of young people’s creativity and a new orchestral experience without precedent.

Devised, composed and performed by members of the orchestra, Gesamtkunstwerk, is an opportunity for young people to share their thoughts and experiences through diverse means of artistic expression.

Gesamtkunstwerk is the culmination of a major project where the orchestra has worked with celebrated professional artists such as Brian Irvine (composer), John McIlduff (director), Jessica Kennedy (choreographer), Sarah-Jane Shields (designer), Fergus Sheil (conductor) and the RTÉ Con Tempo String Quartet.










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