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A Tribute to the Blues Greats - Paddy Smith Band

From: 10 May 2019
To: 10 May 2019
Paddy Smith feels and plays the Blues like no other. He is one of Ireland’s best Harmonica players and along with his wonderful four piece Band, they are sure to mesmerize the audience with a great night of musical entertainment. A must see Show.

Bealtaine Festival - Finding Your Feet (2018)

From: 11 May 2019
To: 11 May 2019
When ‘Lady’ Sandra Abbott discovers that her husband of thirty-five years is having an affair with her best friend she seeks refuge with her estranged, older sister Bif, who lives in an inner city tower-block in North London. As a fish out of water, heartbroken Sandra is confronted by her sister's bohemian and irreverent lifestyle but is eventually persuaded to join Bif's senior citizens community dance class.In this hilarious and heart-warming romantic comedy, the colorful group of defiant and energetic third-agers show Sandra that retirement is in fact only the beginning, and that divorce might just give her a whole new lease of life and love

Bealtaine Festival - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

From: 11 May 2019
To: 11 May 2019
Two glamorous showgirls have everything a girl could want - except engagement rings. In a quest for true love, Lorelei and her gold digger pal Dorothy set sail on a luxury-liner bound for France. But the pair hits rocky waters when a manipulative detective, an over-aged, over sexed millionaire and the entire men's Olympic team try to put an anchor in their marriage-minded mischief!

Green Book (2018) - 12A

From: 15 May 2019
To: 15 May 2019
Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali star in this Academy Award® Best Picture inspired by a true friendship that transcended race, class and the 1962 Mason-Dixon line. When a working-class Italian-American bouncer is hired to drive a world-class Black pianist on a concert tour from Manhattan to the Deep South, they must rely on ‘The Green Book’ to guide them to the few establishments that were then safe for African-Americans. Confronted with racism, danger as well as unexpected humanity and humour, they are forced to set aside differences to survive and thrive on the journey of a lifetime.

Hansel and Gretel - Irish National Opera

From: 16 May 2019
To: 16 May 2019
One of the sweetest yet most lushly captivating scores in the entire operatic repertory and one of the greatest operas about children - Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel is full of music that is sweet and beguiling, and it combines childlike simplicity with heart aching beauty. He wanted a plot that ‘was not made up of murders, brutal deaths, operetta-like nonsense, or sugar-sweet fairy tales’. Do not be fooled. This is a story of greed and starvation, mouth-wateringly sugar-coated.

SCHOOLS - Hatch: A Story of Transformation and New Beginnings

From: 17 May 2019
To: 17 May 2019
Hatch weaves craft workshops, Irish language and Irish dancing into this wonderful story for 4 - 10 year olds and their teachers.

FAMILIES - Hatch: A Story of Transformation and New Beginnings

From: 18 May 2019
To: 18 May 2019
Age 4 - 10 Years - Hatch is full of Fidget Feet’s unique blend of music, comedy, theatre, contemporary dance and aerial dance. Hatch weaves craft workshops, Irish language and Irish dancing into this wonderful story for 4 - 10 year olds and their families.

National Drawing Day Workshop

From: 18 May 2019
To: 18 May 2019
All Ages - Join us for National Drawing Day as we delve into the wonderful world of drawing with artist and animator Melissa Culhane. Melissa will guide us in exploring line, form, and portraiture as well as responding to our MUSIC +MAKER exhibition in fun and imaginative ways. This free drop-in event is suitable for everyone including families, young people, and adults. No booking or experience required, just come along on the day and draw away! National Drawing Day is a nationwide initiative coordinated by the National Gallery of Ireland.

The Greatest Show - The Academy of Performing Arts

From: 24 May 2019
To: 26 May 2019
The talented cast & crew of The Academy of Performing Arts bring you The Greatest Show, a spectacular production filled with scenes from Matilda, Mary Poppins, Bugsy Malone, Mamma Mia, Chicago and, of course, The Greatest Showman.

Arctic (2018) - PG13

From: 29 May 2019
To: 29 May 2019
A man stranded in the Arctic after an airplane crash must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown in the hopes of making it out alive. It doesn’t take long for Mads Mikkelsen to establish Arctic as one of the best films ever made about survival in the wilderness, clawing ahead of the pack and never looking back in a small but crystalline moment of hellishly cold human endurance.

An Bealach go Baile Ghib

From: 01 Jun 2019
To: 01 Jun 2019
After two sold-out nights at Solstice in March, Ronan Carley's documentary-film, "An Bealach go Baile Ghib" returns for a third night.

Jack and the Beanstalk – Lyngo Theatre

From: 05 Jun 2019
To: 05 Jun 2019
(Age 3+) Fee Fi Fo Fum! It’s a giant of a show, we’d love you to come! This classic fairytale gets the Lyngo treatment with lots of surprises and beautiful images as Patrick Lynch from Cbeebies tells the gripping story of Jack, a boy who sells his cow for 5 magic beans and finds himself in the land above the clouds! It’s a show for the over 3’s (and their giants) with something for everyone – enormous shoes, tiny houses, showers of silver and gold and a big, leafy explosion!

SOLD OUT - Bull by Navan Theatre Group

From: 06 Jun 2019
To: 07 Jun 2019
Mike Bartlett’s Bull is a one-act play about vicious office politics. Tony, Isobel, and Thomas are waiting to hear which of them will lose their job. As they await the arrival of their boss to deliver the verdict, the three debate each other’s chances of survival. For alpha male Tony and calculating Isobel, it’s clear that Thomas is getting the chop. In the struggle for survival, no blow is too low. Bull won Best New Play at the UK Theatre Awards in 2013. Directed by Clare Atkinson, Bull contains adult language and content.

Exhibition: I send my love along the Boyne

From: 08 Jun 2019
To: 16 Aug 2019
The River Boyne is a defining topographical feature of Meath, its environs, and the countryside stretching from its source in Carbury, Co. Kildare to the Meath/Louth border beyond Drogheda, where it meets the sea. Despite its relatively short course – just 70 miles – it is potent with important historical, archaeological and mythical connotations and has been known since ancient times, featuring in the first known map of Ireland drawn by Ptolemy in 140 AD. The exhibition thematically takes its cue from the river Boyne and the topography, archaeology, and mythology of the surrounding area. Rich in geological, historical, archaeological and mythical tropes, the river is one of the most potent symbols of not only a journey towards but also the realisation of enlightenment. I send my love along the Boyne is underpinned by works that explore our complex relationship with water, its mythological, subliminal and restorative powers.

Fairy House Workshops

From: 08 Jun 2019
To: 08 Jun 2019
Age 6 - 10 years - Join Creative Genie Trisha Bonham Corcoran for a one-day fairy house workshop to learn a range of crafting skills including modelling, sculpting, painting techniques, and lots of other new crafting skills to spark imaginations! Places are limited to ensure maximum attention; all materials will be supplied. Under 6’s can attend with a guardian to help.

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