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EXHIBITION: Surveillé·e·s


Opening Saturday 12 January 2019 at 2:30pm

Karl Burke, Alan Butler, Caroline Campbell & Nina McGowan (Loitering Theatre), Declan Clarke, Teresa Dillon, Willie Doherty, Benjamin Gaulon, John Gerrard, Irina Gheorghe, Allan Hughes, Roseanne Lynch, Colin Martin, Lorcan McGeough, Jim Ricks, Ian Wieczorek, Donovan Wylie
















‘We are all being watched through peep-holes, one-way mirrors, security cameras, talked about on walkie-talkies, car ‘phones, Pye pocketfones...Everyone is watching someone…’ Ciaran Carson (Belfast Confetti, 1989)

Since the beginning of the 20th-century surveillance and spying capacities have accelerated in line with technological advances. Now, at a time when the world is waking up to what is at stake, Surveillé·e·s investigates both the visible and invisible mechanisms in operation.

2018 marks twenty years since the signing of the Good Friday Peace Agreement, a momentous pact which paved the way for the ‘normalisation of security arrangements and practices’ in Northern Ireland. Centre Culturel Irlandais’ exhibition, Surveillé·e·s, finds its roots in the era and anxieties of the Northern Irish Troubles which serves as an important context for tackling contemporary concerns such as the pervasiveness of CCTV and online surveillance.

In partnership with Centre Culturel Irlandais



Sat 12 Jan, 2:30pm | Admission free, no booking required.
To mark the opening of the exhibition, join curator Nora Hickey M’Sichili of Centre Culturel Irlandais to discuss the ideas behind the exhibition and talk to some of the exhibiting artists in Surveillé·e·s.



Exhibition runs until Friday 1 March 2019

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm

Closed Sunday, Monday and on public holidays





Solstice Arts Centre





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