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Francis Ledwidge, Ireland's Soldier Poet

Francis Ledwidge, Ireland's Soldier Poet

28 April – 16 June, 2017  - Foyer

In association with the Nerve Centre, Derry~Londonderry 
Script: Martin Melarkey, Artwork: David Campbell

Francis Ledwidge, Ireland’s Soldier Poet is a graphic novel of the life of Francis Ledwidge. The work opens with quotes from Seamus Heaney’s poem dedicated to Ledwidge, In Memoriam Francis Ledwidge (1979), and illustrates a biographical account of Ledwidge’s life in graphic form. This series was originally produced by the Nerve Centre as part of their Creative Centenaries project offering an insight into the lives of renowned Irish poets in relation to the Easter Rising and the First World War.     










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