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Wonderland's Easter Theatre Camp


Mon 30 Mar – Thu 2 April, 10.30am – 3.30pm
Back by popular demand! Wonderland invites 7-12 year olds into its colourful world of drama, music, directing, playwriting, stage design, lighting and comedy.  This 4 day camp culminates in a fabulous showcase for friends and family, where children perform a short play they have created, written, directed and designed themselves.Each day is taught on stage and is led by Wonderland's Artistic Director Alice Coghlan.
Days 1-2 focuses on voice, acting, drama improvisation, comedy and theatre games and culminates in a chance to create, write, act and direct a 'Play in a Day.'  Day 3 is our special focus day, where we look at prop-making and how to make stories like detective dramas come alive with props. Day 4 is a day to tour backstage and to learn all about how the theatre works from its Technical Staff and to design your sound and lighting. Then it’s time to dress rehearse and perform the plays, and comedy routines we have created together for our friends and family. And to celebrate with a party in the Green Room!

Every Wonderland Workshop aims is to make friends, to perform, to learn lots, but most importantly to encourage each child to grow and develop through the performing arts - and just as importantly to have the best of fun together.
Tickets: €100 for 4 full days / €85 (Second Sibling)
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