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Silver Moon

Silver Moon

Thursday 7 December, 7:00pm  |  Main Auditorium  |  Tickets: €7 / €5 child

Silver Moon is a Christmas story celebrating friendship, family and imagination as an alternative to overspending and commercialisation.

This masked performance tells the story of two very different children; a little polish girl, Helda and a rich boy, Jurgen, whose adventures together break down barriers on Christmas Eve. Helda’s imagination is filled with her grandfathers folk tales taught to her through the enchanting voice of the cello. Jurgen is surrounded by beautifully wrapped presents but needs a friend to help make his everyday magical.

Helda takes Jurgen on a journey of creation and fantasy. When the clock strikes midnight and the silver moon is high in the air, the two friends will never be the same again....

Recommended Age: 4 – 11





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