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Solstice is a home where we invite artists and communities to connect with us in our own special way. We programme a diverse range of music, theatre, visual arts, cinema and dance from local and international artists and companies. The architecture and quality of the building demand that we go beyond programming to embrace a positive ambition.

The Arts Centre supports the work of artists so that they have access to a place where they can develop and explore their practice in exciting ways.

Following our highly successful residency with Tall Tales theatre, we are very interested in exploring the notion of a creative hub with professional artists and we will be developing work in this area over the coming years.

When time and money allow, we create, curate, commission and produce unique events of a wider significance. Through work we have commissioned and co-produced, we have premiered in New York, Chicago, London, Seattle to name a few and been represented in Prague and even a Venice Biennale...bringing a small bit of the palindrome with us wherever we go.

We are also committed to connecting with the town of Navan and its environs in developing an arts Festival with local businesses and communities at the time of the Summer Solstice. We are honoured to host so many local performing and arts communities who are the backbone of what we do.

Finally we keep in mind always that our audiences and local communities are our long term friends, who personally support the programme and the family who produce it. All conversations are important and inspire how we do and what we do. We keep our programme as accessible as possible, giving as much value for money as we can in both ticket prices and venue rates.

You should always feel welcome here, whoever you are and wherever you’re from.

Belinda Quirke

Artistic Director















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